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The Cantrell Dual-blade Laryngoscope (C-DBL) may improve the speed and accuracy of routine intubations and decrease risk of injury.

C-DBL Description

About ScopeCo, Inc.

ScopeCo, Inc. was incorporated in Virginia in October 2005 for the purpose of developing and manufacturing a new and novel laryngoscope invented by Dr. Elroy Cantrell, a practicing emergency physician. ScopeCo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elcare Innovations, Inc., which was also founded by Dr. Cantrell and his daughter, Melissa Waugh, a healthcare attorney. Elcare is a medical device research and development company, which holds the patent rights to several of Dr. Cantrell's inventions, and is the parent company of Trainikins, Inc. (manufacturer of CPR Teddy™).

Dr. Cantrell recognizes that missed intubations are a serious problem in the medical profession and believes there is a simpler way for physicians, EMTs, and other health care professionals to intubate a patient. In response, he created a laryngoscope that is inexpensive, accurate, and easy to use.

The mission of ScopeCo, Inc. is to provide low-cost and user-friendly products to enable health care professionals to intubate patients quickly, easily, and efficiently.

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